74 A Filthy Casual’s Guide to the State of Video Games

One of the few episodes I've re-recorded, I look at the what I believe to be the state of the video game industry through the lens of what I've played recently: Kingdom Hearts 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, Soul Calibur 6, Hitman 2, and The Witcher 3. I also provide a brief history of my own gaming experiences, and what influence they've provided in terms of story-telling. Also, thanks to Call Me Kevin, RT Games, Witcher George, and Brian David Gilbert at Polygon for the inspiration.

60 Reviewing Real Estate Videos

So my girlfriend and I recorded ourselves (audio only, thank god - you don't wanna see me in pajamas and no makeup) yapping over real estate videos of extremely extravagant homes and estates. It was fun! I laughed. Sorry for the choppiness; learned my lesson with the screen recorder!