One of a series of photos my dear friend Kim took. A truly bizarre experience; I’m not used to being photographed, and certainly not in public. But she was really great and made it less awkward.


On-Stage Photos

cafe deux two
On stage at the Cafe Deux Soleil in Vancouver, wearing a shirt of a much better comedian. I’m fatter now.
sin bin
Holding the mic like a bigshot at the Sin Bin. It doesn’t exist anymore, but the show was run by a friend of mine.
last cafe deux
My last show at the Cafe Deux Soleil. My choice.


Joan Ullyett at Four Eyes Comedy
Photo by the wonderful Joan Ullyett; at the Four-Eyes Comedy show at 7 Dining Lounge. I try not to smile so much on stage anymore.

Podcast Interview Photos





Dead Weight Citizens Brigade Miscellanea





Photos of Myself with People I am Totally Friends With