83 Interview with Steev Letts and Sean McDonnell

Hey everybody! This project is coming to a tentative close (and this time I mean it). So I hope you enjoy what will functionally be the last episode of The Taylor Moorey Show. Hear why in the intro. But more importantly, listen to two of Vancouver's best up-and-comers, Steev Letts and Sean McDonnell. They're both hilariously funny, talented comics, and good dudes, both with albums from Comedy Here Often and 604 Records. Check out BURGER QUEEN and ALL IN MY HEAD wherever you find albums. The site will remain active for now, as other writing, sketch, and music projects will be posted here. All episodes of the podcast will go up on to YouTube soon.

82 Interview with Morris Bartlett

A day late, a buck short. In this episode, Vancouver's own Morris Bartlett sits down with me to talk about his time in Afghanistan in the Canadian military, what to do in the event of a mortar attack, Tim Horton's, as well as his experiences in stand-up. He's a good friend and a good dude, and a good talk. Check it out!